Roy Henderson - Centenary Release
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Dutton Laboratories
Designation: CDLX7038
Release Date: June 14, 1999
Performed by Roy Henderson and Gerald Moore/Eric Gritton/Ivor Newton/Claude Ivy/Stanley Chapple/Leslie Heward
  1. A Shropshire Lad, George Butterworth
  2. Sigh no more, ladies, Peter Warlock
  3. Pretty Ring Time, Peter Warlock
  4. Passing by, Peter Warlock
  5. Fair and True, Peter Warlock
  6. Piggesnie, Peter Warlock
  7. My Own Country, Peter Warlock
  8. Milkmaids, Peter Warlock
  9. Captain Stratton's Fancy, Peter Warlock
  10. A Sheaf of Songs from Leinster, Charles Villiers Stanford
  11. An Irish Idyll in six miniatures, Charles Villiers Stanford
  12. Songs of a roving Celt, Charles Villiers Stanford
  13. Come away, death, Benjamin Dale
  14. Oedipus, Henry Purcell
  15. Song of Momus to Mars, William Boyce
  16. Orpheus with his lute, Ralph Vaughan Williams
  17. The House of Life, Ralph Vaughan Williams
  18. Sea Fever, John Ireland
  19. The jolly tinker, Traditional
  20. Simon the Cellarer, John Liptrot Hatton
  21. Oh, no, John!, Traditional
  22. Gae bring me tae a pint o'wine, George Short
  23. Care flies from the lad that is merry, Thomas Augustine Arne
  24. The De'ils awa wi' the Excise-man, Traditional
  25. Seven Songs, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky