They're Coming Back to the Water
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Folksound Records
Release Date: FSCD 47
Performed by Jeff Dennison and Benny Graham
  1. They're Coming Back to the Water - Johnny Handle
  2. The Manchester Canal or The S.S. Irwell
  3. When Leeds Becomes a Seaport Town
  4. All Hail This Grand Day
  5. The Wandering Navvy Boy
  6. The Rochdale Nine- Fred Rogers
  7. Still Waters - Ian Hartland
  8. Broken Boats - Barry Skinner
  9. The Narrow Lock Gate - Bill Caddick
  10. Moving Up the Cuts - Barry Skinner
  11. Down at the Pub on the Cut - Johnny Handle
  12. The Tommy Note
  13. The Rosemary - Peter Dodds
  14. Push Boys Push
  15. Girl on the Cut / Keep Your Hands Off -Ian Campbell
  16. Bristol Through to Reading - Foxwell, Bale and Bartholomew
  17. I Know That I'll Be Back Again - Fred Rogers