It's Turned Out Nice Again
Last updated: 28.04.22
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Label: Empress
Release Date: 10 February, 1998
  1. Sitiing on the ice rink/Do de oh doh/Chinese laundry blues
  2. Madame Moskovitch/My ukelele/Fanlight Fanny
  3. Keep fit
  4. Biceps buscle and brawn
  5. Gallant Dick Turpin parts 1 and 2
  6. When we feather our nest/Our Sergeant Major
  7. Isle of Man/Hitting the high spots now
  8. Said the little brown hen
  9. Trailing around in a trailor
  10. Men of Harlech/John Peel/Heart of oak/Ilkley Moor Baht'at/Loch Lomond/Come landlord fill the flowing bowl/Auld lang syne
  11. My old Kentucky home/Camptown Races/She'll be coming round the mountain/Way down upon the Swanee River(Old folks at home)/Oh, Susanna/Over there/Anchors aweigh
  12. If I had a girl like you
  13. Ring your little bell
  14. Under the blasted oak
  15. Oh you have no idea
  16. Blackpool Prom
  17. Daring young man
  18. I'd like a dream like that
  19. Up in the air and down in the dumps
  20. She's got two of everything
  21. Old cane bottom chair
  22. It's a grand and healthy life
  23. With my little stick of Blackpool rock/I'm the husband of the wife of Mr Wo/When I'm Cleaning Windows (The window cleaner)