Pierre Cruzatte: A Musical Journey Along the Lewis & Clark Trail
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Native Ground Music
Release Date: January 6, 2003
  1. La bastringue
  2. V'la bon vent
  3. Fisher's Hornpipe
  4. Shenandoah
  5. Soldier's Joy
  6. Jigs: Irish Washerwoman/St. Patrick's Day in the Morning/Top of Cork Road
  7. Over the Hills and Far Away
  8. Haste to the Wedding
  9. J'entends le moulin
  10. Amazing Grace
  11. Breakin' Up Christmas
  12. O Come All Ye Faithful
  13. Red River Jig
  14. Yankee Doodle
  15. Reels: Cuckoo's Nest/Flowers of Edinburgh