The Comedian Harmonists
Last updated: 02.03.20
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Label: Hannibal
Release Date: 24 August, 1999
  1. You're Driving Me Crazy
  2. The Last Roundup
  3. Happy days are here again
  4. Creole Love Call
  5. Veronika, The Spring Is Here
  6. Night And Day
  7. My Little Green Cactus [Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus],words: Bert Reisfeld; music: Friedel Albrecht Marcuse
  8. Tea for Two, Vincent Millie Youmans
  9. Can You Whistle, Johann?
  10. Where Is My Baby?
  11. Beautiful Lisa
  12. In A Shady Grove
  13. The Village Band
  14. Somewhere In The World