Another Country
Last updated: 26.04.20
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Label: Sony Imports
Release Date: 09 October, 1992
No. Title MP3's
1. Happy to Meet flag15us.gif 
2. I Can't Stop Loving You flag15us.gif 
3. The Wabash Cannon Ball: Morning Dew / Wabash Cannonball / Father Kelly's Reels flag15us.gif 
4. Heartbreak Hotel flag15us.gif 
5. Goodnight Irene flag15us.gif 
6. Cúnla/The Friar's Breeches flag15us.gif 
7. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine flag15us.gif 
8. Cotton-Eyed Joe flag15us.gif 
9. Tahitian Skies/Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe flag15us.gif 
10. Killybegs flag15us.gif 
11. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore flag15us.gif 
12. Did You Ever Go A-Courtin', Uncle Joe/Will the Circle Be Unbroken flag15us.gif