Warlock - Songs
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Hyperion
Designation: CDA66736
Release Date: December 1994
Songs by Peter Warlock performed by John Mark Ainsley (tenor) and Roger Vignoles.
  1. The Wind From The West
  2. To The Memory Of A Great Singer
  3. Take O those Lips away
  4. As ever I saw
  5. The Bayly berith the Bell away
  6. There is a Lady sweet and kind
  7. Lullaby
  8. Sweet Content
  9. Late Summer
  10. The Singer
  11. Rest, Sweet Nymphs
  12. Sleep
  13. A Sad Song
  14. In An Arbour Green
  15. Autumn Twilight
  16. Two Short Songs: I Held Love's Head
  17. Two Short Songs: Thou gav'st me leave to kiss
  18. Yarmouth Fair
  19. Pretty Ring Time
  20. Two Songs: A Prayer To St Anthony
  21. Two Songs: The Sick Heart
  22. Robin Goodfellow
  23. Jillian of Berry
  24. Fair And True
  25. Three Belloc Songs: Ha'nacker Mill
  26. Three Belloc Songs: The Night
  27. Three Belloc Songs: My Own Country
  28. The First Mercy
  29. The Lover's Maze
  30. Cradle Song
  31. Sigh No More, Ladies
  32. Passing By
  33. The Contented Lover
  34. The Fox