Bernard Russell (1876-1910)
Last updated: 26.04.24
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     Title Attribution Remarks
  I'm Wanted on the Phone Frank Wood (words & music)
Bernard Russell (perf.)
  Oh! Chantecler Frank Wood (words & music)
Bernard Russell (perf.)
The peformer is featured on 9 sheet music/recording covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg Potted Poetry (1907) Charles Osborne Burt Shepard (words)
Daniel Decatur Emmett (words)
perf15.jpg Anatomy (1909) Charles Osborne
perf15.jpg Press Cuttings (1909) Charles Osborne(w&m)
perf15.jpg I Should Like to Be A- (1908) Frank Wood(w&m)
perf15.jpg I'm Wanted on the Phone (1908) Frank Wood(w&m)
perf15.jpg Have You Got a Cigarette Picture? (1910) Frank Wood(w&m)
perf15.jpg I Keep on Walking (1910) Frank Wood(w&m)
perf15.jpg Oh! Chantecler (1910) Frank Wood(w&m)
perf15.jpg Verdicts (1910) Frank Wood(w&m)