Dr Rosteck & Mr Grainger
Last updated: 18.04.22
Dr. Rosteck and Mr. Grainger are a quite different type of type of piano/vocalist duo whereby the partners yearn after unreachable dreams. Mr. Grainger, an ageing folk singer and street musician would just love to be a "real" bass chamber vocalist whilst Dr. Rosteck, a musicologist and lecturer at Bremen University longs for the supposed freedom of the streets faraway from the stresses of academic life.
They got to know each other when .....
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Breaking news
Dr. Rosteck and Mr. Grainger are planning a new CD, Where Sheep May Safely Sleep/Graze, to be recorded in 2018. The themes to be covered are sheep (of course), shepherds, shepherdesses and sheep-shearers. Naturally there will be a Release Party. Please watch this space.

  Title Composer Instruments
  DBE MP3 Sample
audiodbemp315.gif Anacreontic Song, The J.S. Smith Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Champagne Charlie A. Lee Voice, Piano, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif Cruiscín Lán Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Drinking - in Cellar Deep Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Glorious Beer W. Godwin Voice, Piano, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif Gossip Joan Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Henery the Eighth I Am R.P. Weston Voice, Piano, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif I Cannot Eat But Little Meat Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Jug of Punch, The Voice, Piano
audiodbemp315.gif Knees Up Mother Brown B. Lee Voice, Piano, Flute, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif Leather Bottel, The Voice, Piano, Flute
audiodbemp315.gif O Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut A. Masterton Voice, Piano, Flute
audiodbemp315.gif Oran na Birlinn Voice, Piano, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif Rakes of Mallow, The Voice, Piano, Flute
audiodbemp315.gif Real Old Mountain Dew Voice, Piano, Flute
audiodbemp315.gif Simon the Cellarer J.L. Hatton Voice, Piano, Flute
audiodbemp315.gif There is a Tavern in the Town Voice, Piano, Chorus
audiodbemp315.gif  Wreath the Bowl T. Moore Voice, Piano, Flute
     Title Remarks Supplier
cd15.gif  We're only here for the beer!   dbe15.gif