Muriel George (1883-1965)
Last updated: 05.03.22
p_georgemur.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Muriel George was an English singer and film actress born in London.
She appeared in some 55 films between 1932 and 1955. She also appeared on the variety stage and sang on radio with her second husband Ernest Butcher for thirty years.
She died in Brighton.
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This list is arranged by composer and contains 1 work performed by Muriel George who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg Only a Lover Knows the Truth About the Moon (1920) H.B. Hedley Ernest Melvin (words)
E. Butcher (perf.)
Muriel George (perf.)