Mildred Bailey (1907-1951)
Last updated: 03.01.23
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This list is arranged by composer and contains 3 works performed by Mildred Bailey who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m) ER
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg Winter Wonderland (1934) Felix Bernard Dick Smith (words)
Mildred Bailey (perf.)
perf15.jpg Leven Pounds of Heaven (1931) Matt Malneck Joe McCarty (words)
Mildred Bailey (perf.)
perf15.jpg Lazybones (1933) Johnny Mercer(w&m) Hoagy Carmichael (co-author)
Mac McCloud (perf.)
Mildred Bailey (perf.)
Ethel Shutta (perf.)
Ted Weems (perf.)
Elsie Gilbert (perf.)
Guy Lombardo (perf.)