Act of Mutiny
Last updated: 02.09.21
p_actmutiny.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Act of Mutiny are six gentlemen hailing from Leiden, Holland. They sing the traditional work songs of sailors, fishermen, lumberjacks and prison inmates as well as ballads about the sea, privateering, mutiny and lost loves. Singing in English, their repertoire, originates from England, Ireland, France, America, Canada, the Caribbean and other countries. Besides singing a capella, the songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo, cello, tin whistles and bodhrán.
On a personal note I met and exchanged CDs with these fine fellows during the 2010 Festival Maritim in Bremen-Vegesack. We also share repertoire with Barrat's Privateers and Reuben James.
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youtube15.jpg 17-10-2010 Act of Mutiny zingt Trois Marins at De Twee Spieghels: Leiden (4:16)
youtube15.jpg BIE DAIP 2010 - (Mainstage) (2:44) Reuben James