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 John Stepan Zamecnik  (1872-1953)

According to the Internet source given below, John Stepan Zamecnik was an American composer of popular music and a major composer of so-called photoplay music i.e. music used by silent film theatre orchestras. Born and raised in Cleveland, he went to Prague to study with Antonín Dvorák then returning to America as a professional musician and composer. He works included songs, dances, salon music, photoplay music and complete film scores. A film music pioneer, he worked throught the entire period from vaudeville through silent film to the advent of talking movies.
His first known published work College Yell (1908) was brought out by Sam Fox Publishing Company starting a long association with that company after quickly becoming its musical director. Of ragtime interest is his Mandy's Ragtime Waltz (1912). In common with many of his contemporaries he used pseudonyms but in this respect he must surely be a record holder having perhaps as many as 21! Some of his confirmed pen-names are: Lionel Baxter R.L. (Robert) Creighton, Arturo de Castro, "Josh and Ted", J. (Jane) Hathaway, Kathryn Hawthorne, Roberta Hudson, Ioane Kawelo, Dorothy Lee, J. Edgar Lowell, Jules Reynard, F. (Frederick) Van Norman, Hal Vinton and Grant Wellesley.
List of John S. Zamecnik's works.

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