Montague Ewing  (1890-1957)
Last updated: 22.06.17
According to the Internet source given below, Montague Ewing was a British arranger of pot pourris and also a writer of light music for piano and of popular songs; also songwriter.

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Further sheet music at DBE: ON HOLD
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 78 works by Montague Ewing (1890-1957). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

The Policeman's Holiday (1911) wvicon.gif
Fairies on the Moon (?)
The Tinker's 1 or 2 Step (1912) wvicon.gif
Fiddler in the Rain (?)
as Sherman Myers
The Bunyip (1913) wvicon.gif
Fly by Night (?)
The Burglar's Dream (1913) wvicon.gif
The Fragrant Year (?)
New Moon (1915)
The Gnat's Wedding (?) wvicon.gif
Somewhere in France (1915) wvicon.gif
Guy Fawkes Night (?)
Ol' Nigger Joe (1916)
Highland Fiddler (?)
as Sherman Myers
Fireflies (1919)
Humours of Nature (?)
Gaite (1919)
An Irish Picnic (?)
La Gaiete (1919)
Kaleidoscope (?)
Cameo (1920)
Lady Rainbow (?)
The Wand of Harlequin (1921)
Lullaby to a Gipsy Child (?)
My Lady Terpsichore and Titania (1922)
Moonlight on the Ganges (?)
In Arcady (1923)
Neath Sunny Skies (?)
Garden in Brittany (1924)
Over the Scottish Hills (?)
Starflowers (1926)
The Parade of the Home Guard (?)
Sweet Fern (1926) wvicon.gif
Peaceful Nights (?) wvicon.gif
Four Vignettes (1927)
Pierrette by the Stream (?)
The Seamen of England (1940)
Words by: Reginald Fellows
Portrait of a Toy Soldier (?)
Classical Interlude (194?)
Purple Heather (?)
Royal Suite (1952)
Sailormen All (?)
March of the Clockwork Soldiers (1953)
Scarecrow (?)
Phantom Piper (1953)
Silhouettes (?)
Princess Waltz (1953)
Spirit of the Dance (?)
Harps in the Wind (1954)
Spring Is Dancing Back to You (?)
The Singing River (1954) wvicon.gif
Suffragettes (?) wvicon.gif
Three Dedications (1954) wvicon.gif
Summer Dreams Waltz (?) wvicon.gif
Moon Elves (1956)
Sweet Hour That Lingers (?)
Our Farm (1956)
The Swing of the Kilt (?)
Sunny Morning (1958)
Three Cameos (?)
21 Guns (?)
Three Folly Dances (?)
Advance of the Tanks (?)
Toy Patrol (?)
Beauty in Black (?)
Tribute (?)
Bosun Bill (?)
Tumbling Clown (?)
Butterflies in the Rain (?)
Variety Suite (?)
Changing Skies (?)
Wedding in the Highlands (?)
The Clock in the Hall (?)
Wedding of the Wasps (?)
as Sherman Myers
Cobwebs (?)
Whirling Leaves (?)
Dutch Marionette (?)
Woodland Shadows (?)