Trumpet Voluntary
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: Decca
Release Date: 09 May, 2003
Performed by Laird Brass Ensemble with Peter Hurford
  1. Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
  2. (A) Choice Collection of Lessons by Henry Purcell
  3. Sonata for Trumpet and Strings No. 1 in D by Henry Purcell
  4. (6) Schübler Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. Cantata No. 147, 'Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben' by Johann Sebastian Bach
  6. Leipzig Chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach
  7. Cantata No. 208, 'Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd' (Hunt Cantata) by Johann Sebastian Bach
  8. Noëls by Jean-François Dandrieu
  9. Suite in D by Jeremiah Clarke
  10. (10) Voluntaries by John Stanley
  11. Canzoni alla francese in partitura_Libro quarto by Girolamo Frescobaldi
  12. Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel
  13. Adagio in G minor by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni